We were given three texts about different processes in our daily lives (the nervous system, natural gas, and paper making). After I chose natural gas, we made three versions of the book: image, text and image and text. I continued with my image and text book to create my final publication. I combined photographs with simple illustrations to create simple, geometric representations of the creation and movement of natural gas. I used bright colors to inject life into an otherwise dark and unknown process. 
In my image only version, I wanted to create a more expressive version of the journey that natural gas takes, and in my text only version, I tried to visualize parts of the process using typography. In my word and image book, I attempted to combine these two approaches.
My word and image book was the most successful, so I continued with that approach. I worked to finesse each illustration and my use of color. I tried many different ways of editing and combining photographs and illustrations. It was also important to make sure my spreads worked both individually and together, so that a reader could easily figure out the path that natural gas takes to reach a house. I especially struggled with the spread depicting layers of the earth, but in the end I figured out a successful way to get across the idea, while maintaining the visual language I had established for the book.
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