The Problem
The Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Institute often begins working with parents pre-natally, and children enter care soon after birth. This involves a series of visits, annually or bi-annually, to monitor development and surgical outcomes. Since care begins early in life, it is difficult for families to understand the long term scope of their child’s
care beyond the immediate surgery. Many families don’t understand why certain treat-ments are necessary for years following the main surgery. The Institute asked us to help them answer the question “How might we improve family engagement in cleft palate and craniofacial care?”
Our Solution
We worked with the team at the Institute to update and expand their print collateral. The team wanted to make their timelines more clear for families. We created timelines in Microsoft Word so that they could be editable if new research emerges. We also updated their patient appointment reminder card and graduation certificate. Beyond these existing materials, we created a passport and stickers for patients and their families to use during Team Day. Our color and iconography system was inspired by the aquatic decor already found in the Institute’s space.
Example timeline
Example decision map
Example Graduation Certificate
Sticker set with original character designs
Appointment reminder card
Patient passport
Introductory spread of passport
'All about me' spread
Map showing patients and families how to get to clinic
Ending spread
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